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Exercises and Strategies That Strengthen Working and Long-Term Memory

At Schoolhouse Tutoring®, Dr. Milton J. Dehn supervises and provides individualized memory training for children, adolescents, and adults who have memory problems ranging from mild to severe. The training is offered to individuals brain_logo_by John Woodwith and without disabilities. Individuals without disabilities have included students who have difficulty remembering what they study and adults who are concerned about their naturally declining memory abilities. Individuals with disabilities have included those with learning disabilities, autism and Asperger’s, attention deficits, head trauma, and health conditions that cause memory problems.

All of the working memory exercises and long-term memory strategies used by Schoolhouse Tutoring® have been supported by educational or psychological research, in addition to consistent, positive, case-study results. All of the memory training is adapted to meet the trainee’s individual needs.

Memory training sessions are available via Skype for individuals who do not reside near La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Memory training sessions are usually one hour in length and occur once per week. A minimum of eight sessions is required. Typically, training is completed within 16 hours, provided the trainee completes the weekly assignments. Memory testing may be required prior to training in cases of moderate to severe memory problems or other disabilities.

Sample exercises and strategies are occasionally provided free on this website. See the current Featured Resource.

Many of the exercises and strategies used during memory training can also be found in Dr. Dehn’s latest book, Helping Students Remember: Exercises and Strategies to Strengthen Memory.

Certification For Credentialed School Staff

For information about memory interventionist training for credentialed school staff, please use the link below.
Memory Interventionist Certification Training Program for Psychologists and School Psychologists

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